May 27, 2024
wine shop

Wines are synonymous with luxury, or atleast, thats how the portray it movies but this really isnt the case. Anyone can buy them but then again there are a lot of different types of wines and each of them have their own unique taste profile.

If you are still confused about those things but want to go to the wine shop and buy them  then you have come to the right place because we will be talking about just that! Lets get into it, shall we?

Red Wines

Red wines are known for their signature color, red, if you figured as much but because there are a lot of varieties to red wine, we will be giving you some of the more famous ones:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – This is a full bodied wine with a flavor profile of the more sophisticated of fruits, plum and black currant. If you decide to have this then we recommend you to pair with a good lamb steak, you will love the whole experience!
  • Merlot – Being the most famous out of the red wines, merlot has a more smoother texture with hints of fruits andeven chocolate in its flavor. You can pair this with anything you like, really, but it would be better if you pair it pasta or something not too heavy on the stomach.
  • Pinot Noir – It is the lightest red wine of the three and will have delicate flavors of red berries. So, if you like dishes like roasted chicken or salmon, this wine is the best one for you.

White Wines

Compared to red wines, white wines are lighter on the throat and are alsmot crystal clear in color. They also have a lot of varieties but the more popular ones are these:

  • Chardonnay – This type of white wine’s flavor varies widely based on things like how it was aged but almost all of them has notes of apple, pear, and vanilla. This makes it a good pair to alot foods like shellfish to creamy pasta.
  • Sauvignon Blanc – This is more a crisp wine with a little kick to it because of a little acidity. As far as flavor profile goes, it more citrussy and fruity. We recommend you to apir this fun wine with meals that have a lot of herbs like salads!
  • Riesling – This wine famous among people because it is very aromatic and can also be dry or sweet depending on your preferences. You are better off pairing this wine with some light fruit so you can more appreciate its flavor profiles.


And with that, we are done, we sincerely hope that this little thing has given you a lot more insight about which wone you should and what to pair it with. After all, the wine is only one part of the experience, you also have to have a good pair to it to fully immerse yourself.

Don’t forget to have fun and socialize, until then, Happy Drinking!