May 27, 2024
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You have spent the first 6 months of the baby’s life ensuring they are nourished, with breastmilk or milk formula. As these babies grow and thrive, you may notice that the little sprout shows some signs that they are ready to graduate from the milk bottle or breast milk to solid foods. If the baby can sit up and hold the head up, it is a great first sign.

What is more? If they bring objects to their mouth and take an interest in what they eat, it is time to shop for the list of baby products hong kong.

Best baby foods at six months 

At six months, the babies may start to chew. The babies are ready to get messy with pureed eats, which helps them learn texture and flavor. During this age, the goal isn’t to satiate the baby with full meals of solid foods but to get your child curious and excited about the culinary options. Babies are growing fast, and the need for iron is high to keep iron deficiency and support the whole health.

Start offering iron-rich foods, such as:

  • Cereal
  • Poultry
  • Mashed beans
  • Lentils
  • Well-cooked meat

To keep the baby safe from choking, you should avoid adding solid foods. Here are some of the list of baby foods to try:

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  • Infant oat
  • Sweet potato puree
  • Pea puree
  • Carrot puree
  • Squash puree
  • Mashed avocado
  • Mashed banana
  • Mashed beans

Baby foods for seven months

The baby in seven months is eating more solids, but not enough to replace breastmilk as their main source of food. The goal is to keep introducing solid foods to the baby. What is fun is by 7 months, you may get more creative with mixing the flavor and adding textures.

Here is a list of nutritious and delicious food combos you can try with the baby:

  • Peas puree with breastmilk
  • Kale pureed with blueberry
  • Apples pureed with carrots
  • Beef pureed with broccoli
  • Chicken pureed with potatoes
  • Chickpeas puree with sweet potato

Seven months is a perfect age to start giving the baby a bowl, plate, and plastic utensils so they can start practicing feeding themselves. If the baby is teething, place the frozen chunks of fruit in the sieve feeder that allows them to chew on the food without choking.

Best baby foods for eight months

Eight month babies are likely to eat more solid foods and rely a little less on milk as the main meal. They are having lots of fun learning how to use their hands to feed themselves. Babies are exposed to potential allergen foods before their first birthdays to prevent future food allergies.

You can add to your eight month babies’ food namely:

  • Scrambled or whole eggs
  • Fully cooked fish
  • Nut butter mixed with cereal
  • Full-fat yogurt

Here are some food preparation ideas that you can prepare for your children:

  • Well-cooked pasta
  • Mashed meat with ground or mashed vegetables

At six months, babies can start eating peanut butter that is safe to introduce, as long as you are comfortable giving it to them.