May 27, 2024

Self-esteem should start in your childhood years. If you have not got this on yours, why not make it possible for your kids now? Send them a box of confidence by purchasing  affirmation cards for self esteem. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about yourself and emotional states, such as:

  • triumph
  • despair
  • pride
  • shame

Self-esteem is how to value and perceive yourself. It is based on beliefs and opinions about yourself that make it difficult to change. You can think of it as self-confidence. Self-esteem affects whether you like and value yourself being a person.

Affirmation cards

Esteem is about admiration and respect. Once you have high self-esteem, it means you like yourself. An affirmation card is a first-person statement, encouraging self-confidence and positive thinking. In short, it is a thought-provoking sentence to challenge feelings of doubt or unhelpful thoughts that cloud your perspective and replace them with calm and feelings of confidence.

Words of affirmations

Affirmation has become popular to crop the narrative surrounding mental health. Before jumping to why you comprise affirmations daily, it is important to know exactly what they are. With the daily affirmations, you can make a mental picture of yourself doing something. When you believe in your ability to perform a task, the actions follow suit.

Whether it is a big presentation or a jam-packed weekly schedule, the chances are if you picture yourself pushing it, you will!

Benefits of affirmation cards

You may not know this, but affirmation cards may come with a whole host of benefits for anyone’s mental health. Multiple studies show that reading affirmation cards leads to a reduction in health-deteriorating stress conditions and boosting motivation. One study showed that 3-minutes spent on the affirmations helped lessen stress and enhance performance on strenuous tasks. Secondly, it is not merely mental health that benefits, but the physical well-being is enhanced well.

Affirmations have been associated with higher levels of energy or motivation to complete tasks. It has a fantastic effect on the overall health and well-being including the mind. The benefits extend further than simply being oneself, but spill out and impact who are around you. The ability to receive threatening messages with less resistance is one benefit of affirmation. You are more resilient during difficulties in handling things, such as:

  • feedback
  • constructive criticism

Sending affirmation cards can help, especially to your kids as a good start in their early stage to build confidence.