May 27, 2024

Decorating your wedding cake can be so much fun! If you are in search of the best ways to doll up your cake, we have it for you 5 easy, fun & delicious tips to dress up your dream wedding cake & to pull of excitement on your wedding day. So stay tuned for some delicious surprises:

The Cake Stand

That’s right! If you want to garner compliments from your guest for your amazing looking cake, it first needs a foundation to stay rigid. This starts with choosing a perfect stand. As for the final touch up of your dream wedding cake, you need someplace to put your cake! Styling your stand with the wedding theme and decor is a perfect option. A rustic stand or even a gold plated stand is the trendiest ones that go by any theme and looks magical.


Try tying a ribbon around every layer as it simply enhances the appearance of the cake and makes it look royal and elegant exactly how you want it to be. Colour-match ribbon of the cake to the bride & the bridesmaid dresses as well as the flowers. Other ways to doll up is by adding sparkles on each tier or artificial flowers that matches the theme well. For the sparkling effect on your wedding day, this crazy idea will be an extraordinary match.

Edible Toppings:

Adding edible toppings on your wedding cake is simply the best way to decorate in a tempting way. Delicious stuff on your cake like macrons, small cookies, chocolates right above the base of each tier enhances the overall beauty of your wedding cake. Style the toppings in a different way, sprinkle nuts, cookie crumbs, and coconuts with your favorite fruit topping, it adds as a bonus point and looks extra pretty!

Fruit Goodness:

For an appetizing and inviting look, a fresh fruit touch up is a true savior! Think outside the box, add berries not just on the top but place it differently. Seasonal fruits are magically mouth watering, so make sure you place them as a bonus. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & few mint leaves pull it all together. Show up some creativity and cherish the appearance of your dream wedding cake

The table:

Since you have put too much efforts decorating your wedding cake, the next important focus is the wedding cake table. Precisely, not just the cake is important but how attractively is it placed, make wonders. Keep a few vases, some sweets, and delicious cookies to top it all. Shinning crystals to add a glimmering touch to your wedding diaries.

Your stress over the wedding cake is now over, so grab on these ideas and implement right away on your magical day. Next is to search up a place for your wedding day, there are luxury wedding farms in Delhi NCR that would be a suitable spot for your Big Day! Enjoy the cake and cherish the time.