May 29, 2024
Eco Friendly Cleaning

Most people no longer consider eco-friendly practices as a trend. This time we already know what awaits us when we fail to take care of our environment. Another fact is that it is not that hard to contribute to the preservation of the environment. It can be as simple as using an eco-friendly cleaning product when you clean the house. If being eco-friendly is one of your goals, here are some tips to follow when choosing eco cleaning products to use.

Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia or chlorine bleach

An essential reason to use eco-friendly cleaning products is that they are not only good for the environment, but more so for ourselves. The truth is that we tend to use many cleaning products at home that may be hazardous to health when exposed to them for a certain period. Children and pets may even be more vulnerable to these.

The most dangerous cleaning products that we use at home are chlorine bleach and ammonia. When combined, they can form toxic gasses that can cause respiratory problems and other health concerns. Instead of using these, you can create an alternative cleaner using vinegar and baking soda. This can be used to clean stainless steel surfaces.

Get products that are non-toxic

When you use a product cleaner in services that are often used, make sure that it is non-toxic. Because if you don’t, you may expose yourself to chemicals and other harmful substances that can be detrimental to health. If these substances evaporate into the air, you are likely to breathe them.

You can create a safer alternative by making your own all-purpose cleaning product in a spray bottle. If you are not capable of doing so, make sure that you choose only eco cleaning products for all purposes.

eco cleaning products

Pick water-based cleaning products

There are two kinds of industrial cleaning products that you will most likely buy: the solvent-based and the water-based ones. It is highly recommended that you use water-based solvents for your business and even at home especially when you have a lot of electronics around. Water-based cleaning products may easily react to low heat levels. These products are great for cleaning electronic items like computers and others.

Choose products that have no VOCs or allergens

When you choose cleaning products, particularly for industrial purposes, it is essential to choose those that are without volatile organic compounds. This is also a must in the workplace, regardless of the industry you are in. Check the product labels as well and research on the allergy-causing chemicals and ingredients that are found in the product before you decide to buy it. Always choose the neutral options.

Make sure that cold water is enough

Ensure that you choose a cleaning product that does not require warm water. This can help a lot in energy conservation.