May 27, 2024
What is a rainbow baby breath flower? Everything to know

Baby’s breath flowers are considered the most preferred filler flowers of all time. They were primarily introduced around 1908 in America when various Victorian gardeners fell in love with dainty flowers and snowy white blooms and foliage. This flower is tucked in flower arrangements and bouquets in the early 1990s.

A lot has changed in floristry since then; this specifically includes the use of these pretty baby’s breath flowers. Many florists, in this day and age, tend to create beautiful and elegant bouquets for anniversaries, weddings, and various special occasions with only the use of baby’s breath flowers. They are no longer restricted to being used as a filler flower; instead, they have gained much recognition and attraction for being used in floral bouquets.

What is the meaning of a baby’s breath? 

Every flower comes with its unique symbolism and meaning. The flowers of the baby’s breath are generally used for expressing and symbolizing everlasting purity and love. As a result of this, wedding floral arrangements and wedding bouquets are generally added with rainbow baby breath flowers. It reminds a person to cherish their loved ones and show as much affection towards them as possible. It also symbolizes a past love that still aches and remains in the heart.

rainbow baby breath

Another attached meaning of such flowers is innocence. A baby’s breath flower is oftentimes associated with innocent infants and babies. This comes as a primary reason why a florist uses such a flower in various flower bouquets at the time of a baby shower or to gift to mothers who recently gave birth to a new one. White and pink baby’s breath flowers are a perfect option to be used for welcoming a new girl child, while the green or blue ones can be used for a boy child. The florists tend to dye these flowers for creating a colorful rainbow and expressing different emotions and sentiments.

In addition to this, such flowers are also meant to refer to purity, freedom, self-discipline, and the Holy Spirit. There are a plethora of ways of using this flower in flower arrangements as it is associated with various meanings and symbols. A person can ask a florist for the best possible arrangements while planning to send one to a special someone or an anniversary or birthday celebrant.


Rainbow baby breath flowers come in a variety of colors, apart from dyed flowers. Blue flowers represent respect and honesty, while white represents spirituality and unity. Pick them today for an attractive display and uniqueness in not only your home but offices as well.