May 27, 2024

Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is a classic movie that is worth watching by all members of the family. It embodies and encourages several key values that youngsters and even adults should be using in their daily lives. The movie is often a hot topic whether or not it is for kids or for adults. The truth is it is for everyone. It appeals to both young and old because of the way it was presented. It is an anime movie featuring a young girl who unwittingly enters a “spirit” world and some have likened it to Alice in Wonderland, another movie about a young girl who travels into another world. The main genre of the movie is an adventure, an anime fantasy adventure to be exact. Conflicts that reveal the true nature of the characters also make it into a bit of a drama story.

The interconnectedness of the Issues

    Spirited Away tackles several very relevant issues especially about young people nowadays. The way they portray them is to interconnect these issues to form the storyline and essence of the movie. These issues are seamlessly woven together by the Studio Ghibli Team to provide a continues flow of adventure and storyline building up to a well thought of finale that leaves the viewers wanting for more.

Good Versus Evil

     The movie embodies how one as a person can influence others to either become good or evil as told by the main character’s interaction with the spirit named “no face”. No Face becomes evil and then when Chihiro influences him to be better, the spirit learns to live happily with another character named Zebiba, the evil witch’s twin.

Never Judge People by their Appearance

    Early on in Chihiro’s’ entry to the spirit world, she was judged simply by being human, the spirits think that she, being a human, is weak, dirty and unclean. As the movie progresses though, these same spirits realize that Chihiro’s character is not any of those. Delivering a powerful message not to judge anyone by appearances alone.

A Strong Female Character

    Chihiro is one of the strongest 10-year old girls in any story and emphasizes that with love and determination, no problem is insurmountable. Aside from having realistic concerns as a ten-year-old girl in the real world, she is portrayed throughout the film as eventually learning how to be independent. What is even more amazing is that Chihiro does not have any magical or special skills at all. All she has is her love for her parents and sheer determination, resilience and resourcefulness.

Spirited Away is For Everyone

     Many consider it especially at first glance, a children’s movie. However even in the first few minutes of watching, one will immediately notice that it actually caters to a wider spectrum of audience and has more depth than a children’s movie. It has it all but still manages to be simple enough that youngsters will be captivated as well. Although it is in a fantasy world, it clearly portrays the anxieties and problems that are faced by children. It does not matter how old you are, “Spirited Away” has something to offer.