May 27, 2024

Every parent looks for the best products for their children as they are gentle, soft, delicate, and have a supple nature. Thus providing them with soft products and things that will not hurt them is the utmost role of all the parents. One thing that is required so that the babies can grow well and crawl safely is with the help of playmats and putting the baby on the mats where the development of the muscles and the movement in their body can happen properly. These mats open up the muscles and create a ground for the babies to play safely with full enjoyment.

From safely crawling to keeping the baby busy

One thing that is needed even when the infant is at a growing age is the mats. These toddlers during their growing age (from 7 months and above) need to do lots of movement and activities as they are unable to stay in one place. It is these mats that help in keeping the knees and hands of the infants clean and safe as well as give a clean spot for the toddlers to play or crawl happily.

Sizes and shapes

Since Kids are soft and love colorful things that appear appealing, they stay happy over the mats that are cushiony, large, colorful, beautifully printed, and filled with attractive designs. Sometimes the mats are given different shapes to make them attractive which makes them the favorite spot of kids at their home. Parents are aware of this phase that every kid has to go through so they beforehand make arrangements to save their crawling commander from getting bruises and calluses by crawling over anything. Thus picking a handy, plushy mat to support the motor development of toddlers remains the only option. 

How the Little Wiwa mats are built up?

The mats that are supplied by little wiwa are different from other mats that are available in the market. The first thing about grabbing little wiwa is its composition and the use of a non-toxic foam that is 100% safe for kids and their body parts that are exposed to these mats. There are mats available in the markets that have attached toys that are composed of PVC, a harmful chemical substance that can interfere with the growth of toddlers. These mats are completely sustainable and are composed of nontoxic foam that is Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). This foam is free from PVC, BPA, and other toxic substances. mats are best to use if one is scared of spilling water as it gives complete security from wetness being a waterproof mat. The thickly padded and reversible mats are biodegradable and impose zero threat on the environment even at the end of their cycle.