May 27, 2024
Learn More About Dual Digital Lock As Found In Singapore

A digital or electric lock is an electric or battery-operated lock that opens and closes only through a password determined and selected by the house owner. A dual digital lock where two door lock bars are inserted, these items’ price is notably higher than other digital locks as they give more security and protection to your house. In this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about dual unlocking digital lock systems in the doors in Singapore. The idea of using digital locks first came to Singapore in 2013; since then, the product has become one of the safest spots for citizens.

What are the price and installation charges of a digital lock in Singapore?

The price of digital locks in Singapore ranges from S$ 200 to S$ 1000. The installation cost of a digital lock ranges from S$ 299 to S$ 1679. This depends on various factors like the type of lock, where to install it, etc.

How does a digital lock work?

Digital locks are similar to regular door locks. It contains a latch or a bolt that passes to and from the door frame to the door to prevent access from any stranger or unknown person. You can only unlock the door if you registered or typed the correct door lock password. Usually, there are many formats under which a digital lock works, such as RFID, pin, code, and fingerprint; if they are of brilliant quality, then through Smartphone or Bluetooth.

dual unlocking digital lock

How many years does a digital lock last?

A digital lock lasts five years, depending on the company or brand.

Types of digital locks you can find in the Singaporean market-

Push-pull digital lock- in a traditional lock, you need to access the lock and key needed physical involvement for the functionality. Whereas, when we see the term push-pull, it determines that the lock will get activated only when we push or pull the lock, and then you will have to input the password or use your fingerprint to open your door. This type of lock is perfect for busy houses or a cheaper upgrade.

Digital lever lock- this type of lock comes with an in-built handle. This type of lock is of regular use for a household and is beneficial for those switching from traditional to digital ones. This digital lock system can be opened from an RFID card, pin code, or fingerprint scan.

Digital rim lock- this form of lock is best used in gates, be it a garage gate or an entrance gate. This lock system does not contain any handle. Only you need to enter the required pin code or password through the onscreen keypad.

To conclude, the above-mentioned digital lock system is well worth it.