May 27, 2024
diamond stud earrings

The diamond stud earrings are the staple in the women’s wardrobe and now also to men. From daily wear to the touch of glamor for the night out, they complement any occasion perfectly. There are some excellent deals on diamond stud earrings nowadays, and more men and women are interested in the jewelry. 

Shop for diamond studs

When shopping for diamond studs, you must figure out the best deal. How can you know you get the most bang for your money? As a general rule, you don’t have to go for the same color and clarity of the diamond, which most people look for when shopping for earrings. Diamond studs come in pairs, yet men also become interested in these precious pieces as a part of their accessories.

Retailers usually show detailed information like the color and clarity, and not the specific grade of the diamond stud. For instance, you will see the stones with SI clarity and G-H color, instead of SI1 clarity and G color. There are so many reasons retailers can do this. Earrings don’t get the same scrutiny from onlookers that other jewelry do.

diamond stud earrings

Plus, you can’t determine the subtle differences in the grades with the naked eye. Nobody can tell which earrings are an H and G when wearing them. The diamonds must match up merely fine. You can learn more about choosing carat sizes for diamond stud earrings.

Best “middle of the road” diamond earrings

You can have different choices of a diamond stud earring, such as:

  • 14k white gold. It is a four-prong earring. It has a 1/2 total carat weight, a good choice when you are just starting to look for everyday studs. They have enough sparkle without being overwhelmed. The stones have SI clarity and I color. The earrings have a screw-back design.

Most retailers have friction backs for the standard stud, so it is a pleasant surprise.

  • Martini studs. It has 3/4 total carat weight studs, great if you want something a little larger than 1/2 carat, but without a price of 1 total carat weight studs. The stones of martini studs have SI clarity and H-I color. It comes with standard friction backs.

1-2 carat diamond stud earring

Are you trying to get a slightly bigger stud suitable for your budget? You may consider looking for diamonds with slightly lower grades of clarity. You still get stones with great spark, but with a bigger and more appealing appearance. The 4-prong suds have I1 clarity and I color, and they weigh 1 carat in total.

You can see Blue Nile offers small promotions during holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

When you plan to buy these diamond stud earrings, you should know which jewelry shop to buy, to ensure the quality of the product.