May 29, 2024
sampin hitam

Samping is a traditional Malaysian costume. A sampin hitam has been worn by people across Asia and is a part of the national dress in Malaysia. The Samping has been worn by the Malays since ancient times. It has several ways by which it can be worn in ancient times. It was usually based on one rank in society. A king wore a sampin differently than a commoner or a nobleman did. Styles differ from each other so that the people could be identified easily in the ancient era. Samping is usually a cloth that acts as a belt. It helps to cover the stomach area to the knee areas. Wearing sampin is a must to complete the Malay costume.

Reasons why sampin is worn

Sampin is worn by people from the ancient era. Many people have different beliefs. However, it is only to be worn after the pants. It would help to cover the stomach area up to the knee portion. Sampin comes in various types and colours, such as:

  • Sampin hitam,
  • Sampin biru,
  • Sampin hitam silver and
  • Penggunaan sampin hitam.

Each of them is worn for a different reason and has its own meaning Pengguanaan sampin Songet is usually worn at weddings or formal events that are hosted as it depicts greater importance it is usually worn with a blue Songet as it is one of the most popular colours for such events.Whereas, Sampin hitam which means black sampin is used along the traditional Malay cloth samping

Reasons to go for a handmade sampin

As a person would definitely want to go for a cheaper option. Yet good quality sampin is available at a much more reasonable price. It is usually recommended to go to a shop that sells it . It has been said that the hand-woven sampin is of superior quality rather than a machine-made sampin. As handmade sampin is superior in quality and finer.

There are various ways of wearing a sampin, such as by wrapping the fabric wrapped around the stomach area, and before the fabric reaches the end. It is pinned to let the fabric hand down. One can also wear it by pulling the fabric stretched to the side island. It is supposed to be tied in a way so that it stays along the waist. This type is usually worn by the groom at the wedding this is some of the ways wearing a samping.