May 29, 2024

One of the biggest problems that we are facing in today’s day and age is certainly overconsumption; after all, it can be challenging to not succumb to the temptation of getting a trendy piece if it is all that is talked about on social media or in your friend group. However, embracing mindful consumption is beneficial not only for the environment, but for your style and wallet too, and it can help you ensure that your wardrobe is sustainable and each piece resonates with your personal style and lifestyle needs. So, here are five questions you should ask yourself before welcoming a new garment to your collection.

Do I like it or is it just trendy?

Sometimes it can get tricky to understand if you really need a garment or if you’ve been influenced to develop a liking for it. While trends come and go, your personal style is the one that truly reflects your identity, so consider whether the garment aligns with your preferences before committing to a purchase. If you want to create a long-lasting, sustainable collection, look for those pieces that resonate with your own fashion taste and flatter you, no matter if they are trendy or not.

How versatile is it?

Versatility is everything in a well-curated wardrobe, and choosing clothing that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing outfits will save you money and offer multiple styling possibilities. Use your imagination and think about various ways to adapt the new garment to different occasions – you’ll be surprised how far a single jumper or dress can take you. For instance, an Irish knit sweater can be worn by itself, but you can also layer it with a shirt, wear it over a dress, or dress it up with a structured blazer to maximize its wearability and longevity.

What is its cost per wear?

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping

The cost per wear is an essential principle to keep in mind when shopping. Put simply, it is an equation that helps you figure out how much you’re actually spending on something according to how many times you use it – the more you wear your new clothes, the lesser their cost per wear is. To give you a clear example, let’s take the same Irish sweater that we’ve mentioned earlier. An Irish knit crew neck sweater as these costs around $120, and since it has a classy design and is made of durable merino wool, you will wear it for many years to come, ending up with a cost per wear of less than $1.

What is the quality of the clothing?

Despite always being advised to look for quality over quantity, many of us overlook this aspect when shopping. But high-quality craftsmanship is the cornerstone of a durable garment and investing in well-made pieces reduces the need for frequent replacements. Next time you go shopping, take your time to assess the fabrics, stitching, patterns, textures, and other crucial details that ensure the longevity and quality of the garments.

Does it fit my lifestyle?

Lastly, don’t forget to consider your daily routine, activities, and lifestyle before spending your money. It doesn’t hurt to have a fancy dress just in case you get invited to your friend’s wedding or an official black tie event, but don’t transform your closet into a storage for clothes that you’ve got ‘just in case’. Instead, opt for those pieces that align with your lifestyle demands and help you feel comfortable and stylish on a daily basis.