May 27, 2024
Newborn Hamper Singapore

Choosing a present for a grownup would be relatively easy, as one can muster their interests and offer something. However, picking a gift for a baby is challenging as you have no clue of its likes and dislikes whatsoever. Nonetheless, a baby’s well-wisher, i.e., its parents and family, would expect you, as a special guest, to bring some meaningful gift for the baby. And you have to dig deep and deeper to find an option that does not disappoint anyone and leaves a mark forever. You should try induing a newborn hamper singapore, which would be a perfect utility surprise for new mum and baby both.

newborn hamper singapore

Here’s how you can curate an appreciative hamper for baby:

Choose a basket: Understand your budget, plan your contents and choose a basket of fit size, shape, and space. You can go for a lovely basket woven of straw, willow, cane, or bamboo. Or, if you please, you may experiment further and cram the stuff nicely in a cute bath bucket or a bowl. A bathtub for the baby and plastic bowls make a wise option to count, be of use to the baby, and cheer the mother. There are adorable covered boxes, canvas boxes, and nursery bins to create a modish baby hamper.

Items to add to the hamper: While stuffing the stuff in your hamper, remember you are collecting and offering a stock of baby supplies to a new mom. Your gift should be of use rather than deserving a direct throw within a week into the trash bin. You can be as thoughtful and creative as you please. Some excellent and considerable options for adding to the newborn hamper singapore:

  • Practical baby presents bibs, bath towels, baby comb, hairbrush, sponges, baby hooded bath gown, baby thermometer.
  • Soft accessories: bath toys, mobiles, soft toys, teddy bears, activity chains, baby teething rings.
  • Plush baby apparel: rompers, socks, gloves, booties, cardigans, sun hat, and more.
  • Pure baby care essentials: organic body oils, organic baby lotions, wipes, skincare, nappies, nappy rash cream, and so forth.
  • Gifts for mum: Chocolates, candies, treats, fruit jams and tarts, personal presents, pampering stuff.
  • Popular books to gift alphabet books, bedtime stories, childhood favourites, baby boards, and more.
  • Baby grooming: nail trimmer, cotton buds, sunscreen lotion, baby hairbrush, sun hat, cotton wool, babygrows and onesies, and more.

These are more than enough options to get you off the fence and make a flattering baby hamper. Present it proudly to the soft hands!