May 27, 2024

Every piece of ornament, clothing and accessories used, reveals critical information about an individual’s personality and their class! Here you not looked at a well-dressed man or woman and told yourself that he or she sets apart from the others and have their own signature look. We all look at them as our idols, trying to create our own signature look. Man or a woman, sometimes despite having not much ornaments or grand looking clothes, some people just create a definition for fashion. Perhaps the only ornament they would be wearing that day would be wrist watch. That is how important a watch is. It defines the character and personality of an individual; and there is nothing more trend setting than owning a luxury wrist watch. Richard Mille is one such luxury watch maker.

Let us now take a look at the other luxury watch makers who sets apart their owners and makes the extra-ordinary. Here are our top picks.

  • Patel Philippe

This world famous luxury brand, very well known to man makes some of the most costliest wrist watches. The brand has some unique designs and their costliest sells have ranged up to a few million dollars. What makes them worth an eye for is that they are mostly preferred by the royals. So if you happen to own one, I can’t imagine how proud you must be of yourself right now!

Richard Mille

  • Rolex

Maybe that was not a famous name which you have heard. But Rolex definitely is one! They are one of the most famous watch makers in the world who despite having such acclaimed popularity, still makes each of their time piece by hand. There possibly could be no other reason as to why they are seen as a symbol of status. Forever the Rolex watches have been in demand!

  • Tag Heuer

Like the many others, who have been successful in the art of watch-making, Tag Heueralso has it’s roots originating from Switzerland. The brand has been a faovorite among racecar drivers and is also the first watch brand to go to space.

  • Richard Mille

Founded in 1999, this watch-maker too originated in Switzerland by an individual named the same. They are the proud makers of the RM 008 which is considered to be one of the world’s most advanced watches with it’s price ranging from 500,000 Euros.

Fascinating, is it not? The small timepiece that decorates one’s hand has so much to tell the rest of the world. This is one of the major reasons why every man sets aside a fortune to buy the watch from his dream brand. Each of the famous luxury watch-maker have their own unique quality that sets them apart and also the ones in most demand. Find out which one is yours.