May 27, 2024
How Can A Rolex Sports Model Help You Up Your Style Game?

Rolex watches are popular among the classy crowd. It is no secret that not everyone can afford one, and people cannot compromise while choosing the correct model. From the limited edition of exceptional Rolex, it might be baffling to pick a statement timepiece. Here are three Rolex sports models to swoon you.

TheĀ rolex sports model are designed especially for people who enjoy sporty activities like skydiving, yachting, motor sports, etc. But who makes the rules? You can adorn a stylist sports Rolex to your birthday party and receive twice the amount of attention.

Let’s go through some Rolex sporty timepieces

Rolex GMT master-II

The Rolex GMT master-II has been crafted to accompany you during airborne adventures. Now the top choice of every explorer, GMT master-II connects people beyond time. Rolex is assembling a story with the extraordinary Oyster perpetual GMT Master-II. The crown and crown guard are attached to the left side, which requires many technical adjustments with regard to movement and superlative chronometer certification. The cyclops lens and date aperture also lie at 9 o’clock. Flaunt it on your next skydiving adventure, or wear it on the next big celebration to tell stories without words.

Rolex sea dweller

The Rolex Sea dweller is a fantastic option for water babies. The sleek black watch dial boasts large chroma light hands and hour makers. It is coated with luminescent material that glows in the dark for decipherability.

rolex sports model

The 60- minute, unidirectional rotatable bezel allows divers to monitor decompression and dive timings. The watch has a black patented bezel insert made from virtually scratch-proof ceramic whose composites are unaffected by UV rays. The graduation has a PhD casting topped with a thin gold layer.

The deep black dial has magnificent hand and vertices reserved for limited models and also bears the font sea dweller carved in a yellow hue to complement the yellow gold.

Yacht master-II

The yachting master-II has been carved to utmost perfection. Its redefined bezel makes it stand out from other Rolex sports models. Generally, a bezel operates separately from the internal mechanism. However, the ring command bezel in the Yacht master-II regatta chronograph functions along with it. The bezel works as the commander of the programmable countdown, allowing it to be set and sequenced according to race start times. Righteous in design but humble in use, it is a beautiful creation.

The dial has a white tone with new hands of Rolex professional models to enhance their aesthetic. The dial features a rectangular hour maker at 6 o’clock and a triangular hour maker at 12 o’clock. A luminescent touch on the hour hand differentiates it from the minute hand. The timepiece can be programmed between 1 to 10 minutes.

If you are not already aware, all Rolex watches are put together by hand with utmost precision and care. Such high professionalism and exceptional style and design make Rolex watches irresistible.